Black &: White Walden2 OR Color Tuba Mirum

Music Theatre


Work in music with visual theatre began in mid 1970s. All pieces have political undertones. Title page picture from Tuba Mirum for psychiatric patient, bureaucrats, props, tape: commissioned by Melvyn Poore.

Main picture from Pastorale, Walden 2 commissioned by Kathryn Lukas: performed in animated mechanical clock from which performers liberate themselves: reaction to B.F.Skinner's 'utopia' Walden 2, a behaviourally programmed paradise. Complete film available for hire from Concord Films.

Fidelio for woodwind solo, and 6 suitcases deals, comically, with results of automation. All performance scores available through University of York Music Press.

With artist Michael Banks, pioneered site specific events in UK, and devised Son et Lumiere, Domestic, around chest of drawers, seen at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 1976.

God from Walden2