The Garden of Earthly Delights
... a comic opera ...

Trevor Wishart (2019)

Libretti : Katrina Porteous, Martin Riley, Trevor Wishart

This new, hour long work in 8-channel sound-surround was be finally premiered in October, 2021, at the Royal Conservatory, Den Haag.



Welcome to "The Garden of Earthly Delights"! Our tour will guide you through the labyrinth, but cannot guarantee to find the exit.
We list here some of the highlights.

Mission Statement : We, at Going Forward Together ®, are proud of our gateway response team who are working tirelessly on your behalf.
In due course a friendly voice will respond to your queries and, where appropriate, direct you to the correct department. [Click]

The Vagranaut's Crossing
Traffic Incident Report : Surveillance cameras report a suspicious individual shouting at the traffic on the Main Highway.
Said individual in danger of wandering across the flow of traffic. Please investigate.

The Oracle
Abstract : Recent advances in psychometric game theory and algebraic hand-waving have converged in the promising new field of Artificial Wisdom. In cooperation with colleagues in the department of neuro-engineering we have succeeded in attaching a sentient interface to our model, and Oracle-2 is currently up and running.

The Mission
Progress Report : A rigorous selection process for The Mission is now in full swing.
We expect to have a highly qualified team assembled by the time the escape vehicle is launch-ready.

The Rally
Press Release : We are proud to announce the arrival of another Great Leader © who, as is customary, promises to solve all your problems – in return for your unwavering loyalty. Do not be distracted by fake news. The future belongs to you.

The Forest Path
Recommended Route : Cross the style and follow the path which enters the wood. After a short ascent cross a small stream.
The path continues to climb until trees give way to open country and, finally, the summit is reached.

The Negotiations
From our Foreign Correspondent: Intense negotiations are continuing over matters of mutual concern.
Despite our direct audio-feed, we are unable to throw any light on the progress of these talks. Once a final communiqué is released, we will file a full report.

Working Scores and Libretti

The Working scores of the four Oracle sections of the piece can be found here.
Note that not all of this material was used in performance, and the recorded performance materials were post-edited, both in terms of text-content and in terms of sonic form. Thr Libretti for Limbo, The Mission and The Vagranaut's Crossing will also be available.